Dr. Quebbemann Tells Yahoo Health How to Lose Belly Fat…

Dr. Quebbemann, bariatric surgeon and president of The N.E.W. Program is an expert in weight loss science and is often interviewed by national media outlets about “hot” weight loss topics. One such topic is “how to lose belly fat”. Dr. Quebbemann is extremely qualified to comment on these topics, as he has over 15 years experience working with clients in surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs. WhenYahoo Health asked him about losing belly fat, he had this to say:

Spend time strength training– “Abdominal fat is more metabolically active than peripheral body fat. That means that when you exercise, you’ll disproportionately lose more abdominal than peripheral fat.”

When it comes to diet, Dr. Quebbemann mentioned:

Be careful about eating refined carbs–“Sugar and refined carbohydrates push up your blood sugar, subsequently increasing your insulin secretions and forcing calories to be deposited as fat. The first place this fat is deposited in men is in the belly.”

While looking good is a welcome byproduct of having a slim waist, Dr. Quebbemann reminds Yahoo readers that it’s about more than looking good, it’s about being healthy and avoiding medical problems. Dr. Quebbemann reminds readers that:

“This visceral fat is directly correlated with multiple medical problems including diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and a shorter life expectancy,”

Dr. Quebbemann’s passion for helping people be healthy and achieve optimal body weight has guided him his entire career. He continues to be on the forefront of weight loss research and science and he creates and refines his weight loss programs accordingly. One such program that he is very excited about is The N.E.W. Fit program. The N.E.W. Fit program is based on a high protein meal replacement diet that is easy to follow and causes rapid weight loss. Clients are guided through The N.E.W. Fit program by a nutritionist and they can expect dramatic results within 6 weeks. Call us for more information on The N.E.W. Fit program 949-722-7662

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