Aggressive Weight Loss

Permanent Fitness Success

Achieving permanent weight loss is one of the most difficult goals in life to achieve. Millions of people buy weight loss products and sign up for commercial weight loss programs every year with promises for amazing success in record time, and every year so many Americans, and much of the world, just keep gaining weight. If you’re tired of ridiculous promises of success with minimal effort, and you are interested in getting to your Best Weight and maintaining that weight over time, then my clinic is here to help.

You aren’t the only one responsible for your excess weight. Billions of people are overweight or obese, and the reasons are many:

  • Marketing has made necessities out of non-essential snacks.
  • We are eating more low-nutrition, high-fat foods.
  • Highly processed foods often contain empty calories in the form of sugar.
  • Fewer and fewer people exercise on a regular basis.
  • Most diets are ineffective at permanent weight loss.

In short, the odds are stacked against anyone living in the modern world who wants to stay fit. And amazingly, so many people grasp for one quick-fix method after another, knowing that these gimmicks never work. Nevertheless, several of the things on this list are completely under your control, and that’s all you need to succeed.

The fast food industry, our stressful society, the lousy diet advice you’ve been given…all of it has contributed to your long-term weight-loss failure. The biggest problem might be that many “experts” claim to have “the answer” but few of them know much about permanent weight loss. Formula diets give you rules to follow that, once broken, make you feel like a cheater. That’s not what I do in my clinic. My goal is to help you find a lifestyle that you enjoy that keeps you fit.

After over 20 years helping people control their weight, I’ve seen what permanent weight loss looks like, and every time I see it the successful patient has developed a deep understanding of “Why.” They understand and embrace the fact that there is more to it than diet alone. Permanent weight loss requires this understanding, and that’s the main reason almost all diet programs fail long term.

I can line up 20 people that are your same gender, your height, your bone and muscle structure, and your age, that are living at the weight you wish you were at. These twenty people don’t stay at that weight because they are always dieting. If you ask them why they eat the way they do they’ll look at you like you’re a bit slow-minded and say, “Because I like it.” Not only that, but these 20 people all have different eating patterns. So, here are 20 eating patterns that could work for you. On the other hand, if I help you find your own eating pattern that’s enjoyable and leaves you at a healthy weight, then you will become number 21 in this list of people. Simple.

The N.E.W. Fit program is a simple method for losing a lot of weight without sacrificing your health and your sanity. A combination of meal replacements, nutritional supplements and minimal calorie foods are used. We set a target weight loss, plug in a reasonable time-frame, and start the process. At the end of the “weight loss phase” we transition gradually to a maintenance diet and exercise lifestyle. I strongly recommend following my Dietary Rebuild™ Program to identify a new normal diet after you’ve lost the weight.

In the end, successful clients will have reached their Best Weight and identified a lifestyle that will maintain that level of fitness going forward.

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