5 Things Bariatric Surgery for Teenagers Accomplishes

What every teen and parent of a teen should know about the procedure.

Teenage obesity is a big concern these days with more young people turning to convenience foods for nourishment. Void of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help their bodies thrive, the extra calories from sugar and fat cause the teens to put on excess weight, which causes strain on their joints and muscles. Deciding to undergo bariatric surgery changes their lives for the better by helping them achieve the many goals they have for themselves.

The challenge is helping them understand the importance of keeping the weight off once they’ve recovered from having surgery. Highlighting the benefits of teenage bariatric surgery in a way that is relevant to teens and their parents is Dr. Quebbemann’s goal. It produces longer-lasting results.

What Teens Gain from Losing Weight Through Bariatric Surgery

Here are five things that bariatric surgery for teenagers accomplishes:

  1. Gets weight back to a healthy range. This type of weight loss surgery produces long-term results. It focuses on a three-step process, which includes Weight Loss, Transition, and Weight Control. It helps prevent future weight gain following surgery.
  2. Increases mobility. Young people who formerly had difficulty moving because of excess weight can now do things they never dreamed they could. They’re able to move more freely with less strain and pressure on their joints. Teenagers can entertain the idea of playing sports, participating in afterschool activities that center on movement, and even be able to travel with greater comfort and ease.
  3. Improves self-esteem. Teens feel better about themselves physically and emotionally. They have higher self-esteem because they’re no longer dealing with excess weight. Their appearance has changed, and the things that they now can do are limitless. Many even feel more energetic.
  4. Affords young people opportunities they previously didn’t have. Weight can hold some people back. It may not allow them to believe in themselves the way that they should. When a teen loses the weight, they’ll find that many doors of opportunity open for them. They’re more willing to take chances to realize their dreams. It leads to greater experiences for them overall.
  5. Allows teens to learn the value of healthy lifestyle choices. Young people who didn’t know the importance of eating a healthy diet and exercising will learn all about how these things affect the quality of their lives. During the Weight Control phase of bariatric, new ways to maintain their weight loss, deal with tough emotions and situations, and take good care of their selves going forward are introduced to the teens. They have tools that they may not have had in the past, which help them navigate young adulthood masterfully.

There are many things that bariatric surgery accomplishes for teenagers. Not only does it help them achieve their weight loss goals and life goals, but it also makes them feel more comfortable in their skin. It gives them access to a variety of tools, too, that help them adopt healthier lifestyle choices at every stage of their lives.

Seek the Assistance of One of the Best Surgeons in the Industry

If you’re considering adolescent bariatric surgery for yourself or being supportive of your teen who has interest in the procedure, know that you’re not alone. Many young people struggle with obesity and look for guidance in losing and keeping excess weight off their bodies. Now that you’ve had an opportunity to see what bariatric surgery accomplishes for teens, you’ll come from a more informed place when making your final decision to work with Dr. Q.

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