About My Book

Most books about dieting will doom you to failure. They give you rules to follow that, once broken, make you feel like a cheater. That’s not what I do in my clinic and that’s not the purpose of my book “World’s Greatest Weight Loss.”

Millions of people buy self-help books on dieting and weight loss, and try to follow magic formulas that rarely, if ever, turn out to be magic. And when they can’t follow the rules listed in the book, they blame themselves and say, “I’ve failed.”

Some of the “experts” writing such books are people who have lost weight successfully and then promote their habits as the answer for everyone. Other weight-loss experts are scientists who have studied the science of food, obesity and disease, and have come up with a set of rules based on lab experiments.

The problem is that these habits and rules rarely take into account how people really want to live. They impose a set of rules that are outside most people’s needs and desires. This is a formula for failure.

As a physician who has dedicated my professional career to weight control, it’s clear to me that my patients are the strong ones. They aren’t like all the other obese people that try one diet after another, fail, pretend for a while that it doesn’t matter, and then find another magical diet to try and repeat this pattern over and over again. My patients aren’t willing to pretend it doesn’t matter, and they’ve decided to stop following failed diet formulas. They are the ones determined to find a better answer, a different strategy.

Weight-loss surgery is not the answer for everyone; it’s certainly not the only solution and it’s definitely not the easy way out. But, for those struggling with obesity and not finding success using other methods, surgery may be your best answer.

Before reading my book, there is one scientifically supported fact that I want you to know. Bariatric surgery is currently the single most successful method for obese people to achieve long-term weight loss. It routinely succeeds when all other methods have failed, making it truly the world’s greatest weight loss method available.

“It’s not so much that a person wins, but that they refuse to lose, that results in success.”

Brian Quebbemann, M.D.

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