Dr. Q’s Dietary Rebuild™

Define your New Normal Diet

A very useful tool to use in discovering a new eating pattern that you enjoy is my Dietary Rebuild™ Program. The Dietary Rebuild is not a diet, it’s a method of identifying a personalized eating pattern that will be your new normal eating pattern.

Why a Dietary Rebuild?

Thousands of patients have come through my weight loss clinic and, once they’ve lost their excess weight, I’ve watched many of them struggle with developing a new set of eating habits that is enjoyable, sustainable and will not result in weight regain. Weight often comes off rapidly with a very low-calorie diet (VLCD), or after surgery, but once people get back to eating regular food, weight regain can begin. This does not have to happen!

The problem is that as soon as clients start eating their “normal foods” again, their normal eating habits that they identify with are the eating habits that resulted in their weight gain in the first place. This problem commonly occurs after commercial weight loss programs, physician-run weight loss programs, self-imposed diets, and even after surgical weight loss.

After losing weight, most people want to be given “the rules” for keeping the weight off and they expect a set of rules that will magically work for everyone. Amazingly, they are willing to listen again and again to the same failed rules they’ve been given after every diet in the past. Examples of these rules are:

1) Count your calories

2) Practice portion control

3) Always eat protein first

4) Avoid eating sweets, etc.…

These are the same or similar rules that were given to them by dietitians, doctors, nutritionists and others telling them which foods to avoid, which foods to minimize, and which foods are “bad.” This advice is easy to get, almost every diet program dredges this stuff up at some point. But, if this advice was so great, you would have succeeded long ago!

No matter how many rules you are given, no matter how much healthy eating advice you absorb, your prior diet (your past normal) will almost always creep back in and result in significant weight regain. And no matter how many “rules” you try to live by, your normal eating habits that resulted in your excess weight before, will become your eating habits again.

To solve this problem, I’ve designed a unique process that will reset my patient’s baseline, and help them to identify a new, personalized diet that works for you long-term. I call this process Dietary Rebuild™, Rebuilding your New Normal Diet™.

So, what was your new normal?

Dietary Rebuild™ is a structured process that I use to coach my patients to an eating pattern that is fundamentally healthy, satisfying, and personalized. The process involves throwing out all your old eating habits and starting with a basic dietary platform that you follow for the initial step. We then work together to rebuild your new normal diet back, one step at a time, until you define an eating pattern that you like and can succeed with long-term. This is the essence of the “Dietary Rebuild™ Program.” I start you with a broad, but very well-defined eating pattern for a period of 4 weeks. Then using a structured, step-wise approach, you “rebuild” your eating pattern back to a full-fledged diet with all the options and food choices that are available.

You are in ultimate control over the rebuild process, including how much of each type of food you wish to eat, and how often you eat it. In the end, no type of food is off limits, but your “New Normal Diet” is the eating pattern that you will think of as your normal diet going forward. Every patient has independent decision-making power in defining their new normal.

Defining your new normal diet is a critical step for you to succeed with permanent weight control. Remember, the goal is for you to achieve your best weight, and this means that you’ve found healthy eating habits that you are comfortable with, that do not result in weight regain. It also means that you’ve found an exercise program that they enjoy.

The combination of weight loss from the N.E.W. Fit Program and identification of your new normal diet from the Dietary Rebuild Process puts permanent weight control within your grasp!

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