Exercise Principles

Imagine yourself at your Best Weight, and then imagine 2 or 3 physical activities that you would be able to do if you were at that weight, but that you can’t do now. Use these activities to get an idea of the exercise regimen you need in order to achieve these goals.

Principle – Think about the 2-or-3 most energetic activity goals and this should help you identify your exercise plans. If you expect to be able to participate in energetic activities for fun, then you need your exercise pattern to be about twice as strenuous as the most energetic activities that you hope to do.

Principle – Toned muscles in a healthy weight person have a high metabolism and burn calories very effectively. These toned muscles will minimize development of body fat, help balance your blood sugar, and prevent weight gain. Being at a healthy weight and having an rewarding exercise pattern that will keep your muscles toned is the “Holly Grail of Weight Control.”

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