How to Help Your Teenager Keep Weight Off Following Bariatric Surgery

As a parent, you can contribute to their success.

Your teen is going to need a lot of support following bariatric surgery. In addition to requiring help from you physically, they’re also going to require mental and emotional assistance, too. Getting used to a new way of living and eating can be very challenging for adults, not to mention children. The more willing you are to provide your teen with the things they need following their surgery, the better able they are to keep the weight off for good.

Foster a Great Deal of Understanding in What Your Child is Going Through

Being understanding as your child transitions from the person they once were to the person they’re becoming is imperative as it adds to their success. The road isn’t always as smooth as you’d like it to be. Your teen will experience ups and downs.

The critical thing to remember is that being there for them helps them be more accepting of themselves and their new body. Offering a kind word of support does wonders for their self-esteem. It also helps them feel comfortable speaking about their challenges to you.

Assembling a team of supportive family members and friends also helps. Rallying behind your teen as they continue to do difficult things is integral to their mental health and wellbeing. When they know that they have people who care about their success, they feel more compelled to reach their goals for permanent weight loss.

Dr. Q Will Advise Your Child on What to Do to Successfully Heal After Surgery

Following Dr. Q’s instructions, post-op also adds to your teen’s success. Preparing foods that they can eat without great difficulty demonstrates your willingness to help your child reach their weight loss goals. Going with them when they exercise encourages them to stay on the right track no matter how difficult it may seem.

Doing things in alignment with the child tells them just how vital their weight loss goals are to you. Making time in your schedule to engage in healthy activities and to spend quality time together gives your teen a real advantage. They’ll feel the benefits of the support that you’ve provided to them as they venture on this journey.

Know That Your Teen May Put the Weight Back On

If there comes a time where your child starts to put weight back on, it’s time to change the approach to weight loss. Dr. Q has many programs that he can recommend. One may be the answer that your child needed to get laser-focused on the goals they set for themselves.

Schedule a Time for You and Your Teen to Speak to Dr. Q In Person

If you have any questions or concerns that you’d like Dr. Q to address, contact him right away. He may suggest scheduling a time for you and your child to come in to address your inquiry. That way, he’s able to give you the information you require to be a pillar of support for your teen as they recover from the weight loss surgery they underwent.

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