How to Keep Up the Momentum of a Successful Weight Loss Program

How not to slip back into your old habits and gain weight again.

If you’ve experienced a successful weight loss program and want to keep up the momentum, you’re in luck. Dr. Q has changed the lives of his patients for decades. Building upon your success, he helps you rebuild your diet so that it includes more of the foods that you enjoy and work well for your body. It also involves changing your patterns around eating so that you’re able to see continued success following bariatric surgery.

Rather than give you a full set of rules to follow, you have the freedom to explore what works best for you and your lifestyle. The result is to achieve your best weight. That’s how you’ll feel your healthiest and prevent future weight gain from occurring.

Dr. Q’s Dietary Rebuild Program has given his patients incredible success. Your New Normal Diet will teach you how to identify healthier eating habits and build upon those patterns. You’ll be able to learn how to navigate a variety of settings, too, so you know how to get through them successfully without overeating.

How to Increase Your Rate of Success

Some of the things that can help you in the meantime is aligning with people in your life who are supportive of your effort. Having a team that you can rely on to get you through hard times is imperative to your success. Along with Dr. Q, you need people who care about you and your health.

Another thing that you can do is celebrate your wins. Every change you make and challenge you to overcome is a success. It’s worthy of a pat on the back.

Coming up with a list of non-food-related rewards that you can give yourself can help motivate you to stay on track. Once you’ve identified the food patterns that work best for you, built a support team you can lean on, and came up with some incentives that involve healthy lifestyle habits as opposed to dining out or filling up on dessert, you’ll have the tools needed for continued weight loss success.

What If You Weren’t Happy With the Results That You Achieved

Dr. Q can also help you achieve the results that you need to thrive if you find that you didn’t lose as much weight as you originally hoped you would or regained some of the weight that you lost initially. Scheduling a consultation with the doctor helps you better understand how he can help you. He’ll take a look at your weight history, the surgical procedure that you had, the program that you followed, and the results that you received from the experience.

There is no sense in beating yourself up if you do experience weight gain again following bariatric surgery. It’s another chance for you to get things right. Dr. Q. gives you the time and attention that you deserve so that you’re able to experience better results the second time around. Call the N.E.W. Program at 949-722-7662 today to set up your initial consultation.

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