Recovery After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery has been performed for over 30 years, helping countless individuals achieve successful weight loss. However, recovery is a crucial part of the process. When you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you will likely feel tired, uncomfortable, and hungry for the first couple of weeks. The truth is, you already endured one of the most difficult parts of this experience. Change can seem overwhelming, but you evaluated your options and chose change when you made the decision to commit to weight loss and go through surgery. Now, it is time to understand what you need to do to continue down this path.

The Path to a Successful Recovery

  • Walk: This is something that your surgeon will likely advise you to do following your surgery. It is crucial to walk as much as you can after surgery. Of course, you will need to take it easy in the immediate aftermath, but do not sit in bed and wait for the pain to subside. Challenge yourself and power through it. Start or end your day with a small walk. Tap into the same motivation you had to push you onto this path and use it to keep you on track.
  • Post-Op Diet: Maintaining a healthy post-op diet is incredibly crucial for recovery and for ensuring that the weight you lose is sustainable and long-term. This is the start of a new you, so get rid of foods that are unhealthy and take charge of your life by building healthy habits now. During the first week after surgery, your surgeon will likely recommend a clear liquid diet, which may be difficult, but is only temporary.
  • Go to Support Groups: It probably sounds cliché, but support, especially from people who have gone through a similar experience, is a valuable thing to have. Exchange numbers and share any difficulties you may be experiencing. You might learn something from them, or you might learn something about yourself in discussing your own experience.

You Waited Long Enough

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