U.S. News Article Quotes from Dr. Quebbemann about “Preparing for Weight Loss”…

U.S. News posted an article last month wherein our Dr. Quebbemann was asked to give some tips on what people can do before they start a weight loss plan. Just like most things in life, accomplishing weight loss goals gets a lot more effective when you have a plan to win. Identifying diet weaknesses and looking for preparation activities that will help you succeed are well worth your time as you begin you journey towards fitness. The U.S. News article gave these tips:

1. Raid the kitchen-Get rid of the junk food in the house

2. Fill the right fruit bowl-You are more likely to eat fruit if it is in a clear bowl

3. Gear up for your workouts-schedule your workouts in advance and pack your gym bag

4. Think through you food splurges-Dr. Quebbemann is quoted:

We all know that splurges are going to happen. And more than that, they should happen, Quebbemann says. Regular “cheats” can keep you from feeling deprived and make healthy eating more doable over the long term. But rather than make all of those splurges impromptu, plan small treats for yourself every day. It could be a square of chocolate, a slice of birthday cake or a glass of eggnog. But by planning them out, you make sure that you never feel deprived or, on the flip side, wind up having 10 splurges in one day.

5. Plan and prep your meals-Preparing your meals when the week starts can keep you diet healthy

6. Get to sleep early- A bad night’s sleep can make you over-eat

7. Store snacks everywhere-Dr. Quebbemann is quoted:

Wherever you are, protein-rich snacks should be there, too. “They’ll take care of your hunger and keep you from nibbling on junk, simply because you feel starved and have nothing healthy to eat,” Quebbemann says. Plus, protein sticks around longer in your stomach to keep you feeling fuller longer than any cereal bar will. Store protein bars, nuts or turkey jerky in your desk drawer, bag and car. Plus, if you have access to a fridge at work, cheese, Greek yogurt, lean meats and hardboiled eggs all make great mid-day snacks.

8. Buy smaller plates-Using a small plate can help control your portion sizes

9. Buy a refillable water bottle-Dr. Quebbemann is quoted:

That way, you’ll be able to drink up all day long. Staying hydrated is vital to keeping your body functioning properly, and the many of hallmarks of hunger – fatigue, stomach growls, moodiness – also occur when you’re thirsty, Quebbemann says. So by keeping yourself hydrated, you can make sure that you don’t reach for a second serving of mashed potatoes when all your body really wanted was a glass of water.

10. Download a food journaling app– Keeping a food journal can help you identify irregular food behaviors

The article is summed-up by this quote:

“The single most important thing for people to do if they want to succeed at weight loss over the long term is prepare,”- Brian Quebbemann

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